Statement from President Raab on Anti-Semitism

We are deeply troubled by the recent outbreak of hateful anti-Semitic speech, and by the violent attacks explicitly targeting Jews on the streets of New York and around the country. The age old threat of anti-Semitism has now escalated and sadly we are seeing an increase of such incidences. We unequivocally condemn these verbal and physical assaults and reiterate our strong commitment to fairness, equity, and mutual respect.

At Hunter College, our diversity is our strength. Our campus must remain a safe and peaceful place for all our students and faculty to work together and learn from each other—where, as our motto promises, we can “care for the future” in harmony. We are reminded again that we must vigilantly protect the rights of all people and oppose all forms of hate and prejudice. We can and must do our part to dispel hatred, particularly in our own community—online as well as in person. While we respect the principles of dialogue and debate, we remember that our words can have a tremendous impact, especially now when many communities feel especially vulnerable and frightened. Hate speech targeting any individual or group in our community is unacceptable. As we prepare to return to campus, every student’s health and safety will continue to be our top priorities.

This week, as we celebrate the graduation of the Class of 2021, it remains our hope that recent graduates, along with all Hunter community members, will represent the message emblazoned on the wall of our North Building: “We are of different opinions at different hours but we always may be said to be at heart on the side of truth.” Let us go forward and seek truth together, acting not divisively but in unity.

Thank you to everyone in our community who has participated in advancing Hunter’s mission to provide opportunity for all–a tradition that began at our founding in 1870. Together, we will continue to celebrate diversity and inclusion, condemn discrimination, and defend the rights and safety of all.