Field Education Department

Field education is often referred to as the “heart of social work.” It affords students the opportunity to complete a hands-on experience in a social service agency engaging with clients and community members. Students learn while they serve living communities and work within dynamic, professional organizations; and they consistently connect these experiences back to their classroom education. Silberman alumni often remember and draw from their agency experiences, their clients, and their field advisors well into their careers.

The Field Education Department is responsible for all aspects of the field practicum. The Department works to ensure that all field agencies with which it partners, and all students completing the field practicum, consistently and collaboratively achieve the School’s educational objectives through field practice. To this end, Field Education staff develop and maintain relationships with practicum agencies and sites that will deliver the highest quality of field instruction; provide field-related advisement to students throughout their tenure at the School; work closely with students, School-based field advisors, agency-based field instructors and educational coordinators, and others during the practicum experience to ensure fit, success, and safety; monitor and evaluate the performance of students in the field; and certify field instructors through the SIFI program.

Field Education Department Staff

Joanne Rizzi, LCSW, MA
Interim Co-Director of Field Education
jrizzi@hunter.cuny.eduMadlyn Stokely, MSW
Interim Co-Director of Field Education

Jill Nawrocki, LCSW
Assistant Director of Field Education

Gwynne Mitchell, MSW
Assistant Director Field Education (OYR)

Kalima DeSuze, LMSW, MPA
Assistant Director of Field Education
kdesuze@hunter.cuny.eduShan-ise Kimbrough
College Assistant for Field Education Department

Ramona Texidor
Administrative Coordinator

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