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Social Work Practicum is a signature pedagogy of social work. It allows for application of theoretical knowledge in social work practice situations. The unique nature of social work allows for a comprehensive view of presenting individual or societal challenges. Case management, crisis intervention, social advocacy and policy work are all integral parts of social work practice.


Field Placement Process 

Year One

Step 1 Complete the Placement Planning Form (located in acceptance packet)
Step 2 Create or update resume. For assistance if needed: Hunter’s Writing center
Step 3 Within one week of accepting enrollment submit Planning Form and resume to the link located in the placement form
Step 4 Assistant Director (AD) reviews student forms, connects students with potential internship site (one at a time)
Step 5 AD meets with students, reviews process of placement, assists with interview preparation and direct agency follow up
Step 6 Students continue to follow up with AD until placement; Advisors connect with student the beginning of field practicum

Note: Some practicum agencies may request additional information, such as a medical clearance (usually for hospital settings), or background checks (usually for school settings). SSSW does not cover this potential additional cost.


Year Two

Step 1 In January of the first year, submit Second Year Planning Form and updated resume by date requested on form
Step 2 AD connects student with potential internship site (one at a time)
Step 3 Process as in year 1: agency connects directly with student to interview; Student continues to follow up with AD until placement is finalized



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