The Social and Emotional Well-Being Impact of Social Media on Children and Families

Location: Silberman School of Social Work @ Hunter College

Date: August 20 2018

Time   9: 00 AM- 4:00 PM

Instructors: Marcus Stallworth, LMSW & Qur-an Webb, MSW

Course Code:  SWSOMED

Cost: $210


Description of course/educational activity content

The course provides psycho-educational learning opportunities to students, educators, and parents. We incorporate our knowledge of human behavior and the need for acceptance to help individuals identify why they make the choices they make online. By examining songs, music videos, and advertisement campaigns, we help identify the impact of imagery and subliminal messages, and assist them in making distinctions between fantasy and reality.  This is achieved through “Mentoring Through Media.”

Examined the impact social media, music, and advertisement has on today’s society. The overexposure to certain media outlets can have the ability to influence how young people make decisions on moral issues, peer relationships, and value systems. We know this to be particularly true with individuals who have experienced trauma and significant losses.

Raise awareness of media literacy by educating and empowering individuals how to use critical thinking skills to see the direct and unintended consequences associated with technology. Also, discuss the importance of legislative advocacy concerning this area.

Description of the teaching methods to be used

Lecture, Discussion, Videos, and Group Activities

The learning objectives of the course/educational activity

  • Explore the history of technology and the operational definition of media literacy Discuss the technological advancements in communication and explore how the evolution of these devices has impacted socialization
  • Explore how media (auditory and visual) messaging misguides young people who internalize messages as being real and plausible
  • Explore the benefits and drawbacks immediate/ongoing access to technology and social media has on learning, connectivity, and interpersonal relationships
  • Evaluate the history of television. Compare and contrast how the content of prime time television has drastically changed over time. Explore how does the overexposure of sexuality and violence impact morals, values, and traditions
  • Identify ways unsupervised internet access can put children and families at risk
  • Explore the social, emotional, and psychological implications of someone who’s been bullying online, and how to recognize possible symptoms
  • Explore and evaluate key characteristics found in messages in advertisement and how along with marketing the ability to shape perception
  • Explore how advocacy work can impact legislative change
  • Explore the correlations between desensitization of imagery and violence on behavior
  • Discuss strength based solution focused strategies

CE-6 Hours


About the Instructor:

Stallworth, Marcus | LMSW

Marcus Stallworth, LMSW has been in the field of social work for over 17 years. He worked for child protective services for approximately 13 years. Marcus is a national consultant and trainer for Child Welfare League of America. He is an author of a journal article published in the 23rd volume of Child Welfare League of America’s Children’s Voice.

Marcus has taught at the collegiate level both undergraduate and graduate for the past 10 years. He is currently a professor at University of Bridgeport where he teaches multiple courses including a self-created elective entitled: Social Media: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly. Marcus co-owner of Welcome 2 Reality, LLC where he is the Director of Learning and Organizational Development. His company played an instrumental role in getting legislation passed in Connecticut which now mandates education on the safe use of social media and computer programming instruction in the public school system.

In 2016, Dr. English launched the first pilot of the People’s Police Academy in New York City, an academy slated for citywide rollout with potential for national acceptance. The community-led academy aims to help public safety officers transition into the communities they serve. Her notable awards include The Senator Joseph Galiber Award, The Sojourner Truth Award and the Bethune-Height Recognition Award.


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