Field Evaluations

At the end of each semester, field instructors complete a comprehensive evaluation of the student(s) they supervise in the agency setting, called the Field Practicum Evaluation. The evaluation criteria are based on the CSWE Educational Policies and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) and Practice Behaviors.

  • Evaluations for the fall semester must be completed by early December.
  • Evaluations for the spring semester must be completed by early May.

It is the field instructor’s responsibility to complete the Field Practicum Evaluation for each student they supervise. The evaluation is designed to be a fully transparent assessment based on dialogue between the field instructor and the student. The student should be given a copy of the completed Field Practicum Evaluation form and complete a separate self-assessment as well. The student’s field advisor should also be given a copy of the completed Field Practicum Evaluation and may also assist the field instructor, as needed, to understand and apply Silberman’s field performance expectations.

Once completed, please share the form(s) with the Field Advisor. They are responsible for assigning and submitting the final field grades.

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Online Field Practicum Evaluations Forms (Revised March 2019)
The Field Practicum Evaluations must be completed online, through Qualtrics, a secure system approved by the College, used for administering surveys.



Paper-Based Field Practicum Evaluations Forms (Revised March 2019)

Midterm evaluations do NOT need to be submitted to the Field Office.

In very exceptional circumstances, the evaluation may be completed and submitted using the “paper” document instead of the online evaluation form. In such cases, instructors and students have two options:

  1. Digitally enter responses using the checkboxes and open-ended spaces provided on the form, then upload the finished form to the link listed below (Preferred)
  2. Print out the form, complete by hand, scan and upload to the link listed below.

Field Practicum Evaluation Form to Foundation-Level Field Practicum Evaluation Form (all Methods)
Advanced Clinical Practice with Individuals, Families, & Small Groups Form
Advanced Community Organizing, Planning, & Development Form
Advanced Organizational Management & Leadership Form

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