2020 Grad Melds Jewelry Design with Support for Black LGBTQ People

2020 Silberman grad and jewelry artist Vanessa Bruce-Miller’s company was recently recognized by Huffington Post as one of a number of Black queer businesses especially worthy of support during these turbulent times.“I donate a portion of my sales directly to Black LGBTQ people, work to provide healing in the form of therapy to the community, write blogs and research papers about the Black LGBTQ experience and teach folks how to tap into their creative process to make their own jewelry,” Miller told HuffPost. Regarding the intersection of Pride and the protests this year, Miller said, “I refuse to choose between my Black rage, my art, and capitalism, nor do I want to be complicit in white passivity. I sell my art with the intention of it reaching people that support Black LGBTQ people in life and in death.”