New Faculty – Dr. Jama Shelton

Dr. Jama Shelton will join the Silberman School of Social Work in Fall 2016 as Assistant Professor. Prior to joining Silberman, Dr. Shelton was a postdoctoral research fellow at the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research, NYU Silver School of Social Work. She was also Deputy Executive Director of the True Colors Fund, a leading non-profit organization that works to end LGBT youth homelessness.

Dr. Shelton earned her Ph.D. from the CUNY Graduate Center and the Silberman School of Social Work, and her MSW from NYU.

Dr. Shelton is a highly accomplished scholar and practitioner who has worked in many different settings to address homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth. In particular, her research focuses on the experiences of transgender and gender-expansive young people who are homeless or unstably housed. Silberman faculty members S. J. Dodd, Deborah Tolman, and Gerald Mallon advised her dissertation, which used ethnography to analyze what trans-affirming housing entails, along with policy analysis to understand LGBT inclusion efforts in federal housing policy.

“I want to broaden the conversation about circumstances causing LGBT youth homelessness,” Dr. Shelton says. Her research shows that many unstably housed LGBT youth have run away from intolerant family homes – but their individual backgrounds are not all that determine their outcomes. “The barriers LGBT youth face are structural,” she emphasizes with regard to housing stability, “and rooted in cisgender frameworks and expectations that many people haven’t even thought about.”

While situating those barriers in a context of systemic inequality, Dr. Shelton remains undaunted in her commitment to pushing them. “Now is really a moment for LGBT youth,” she affirms; “Policymakers are placing a new focus on youth and families,” which creates a unique opportunity for “[implementing] housing models that truly work for these young people.”

This engagement with policy and praxis guides all of Dr. Shelton’s work. Reflecting the research tradition at Silberman, and in the social work profession, she concertedly develops her findings into a platform for social change. She has done so throughout her career in several practice capacities; as the director of a partnership between the True Colors Fund and Covenant House; and as the leader of the collaborative LGBT Youth Homelessness Prevention Initiative based at the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which brought together a total of six government agencies.

Dr. Shelton’s zeal for action and inclusion carries over to the classroom, which she strives to make “integrated and entwined” with her work in the field. “I try to bring the voices I encounter in the field, into the classroom conversation,” says Dr. Shelton, elaborating that “I bring in practice leaders and others who know more than I do; and I try to bring not only contemporary events but also contemporary methods and media, which all strengthen the links between the class and the communities we’re talking about.”

In addition to bringing the world of social work to her students, Dr. Shelton also helps students bring their best to the world of social work. She expresses, “I love to help [a] student realize they are a creative person, to facilitate their identifying a passion and their saying ‘Wow, I can go create something’ driven by what they want to learn.” At Silberman, Dr. Shelton will teach the child welfare platform course.

For Dr. Shelton, joining the Silberman faculty is “like coming home”, although in a new way. “I really believe in public education, and I really believe in community-based practice,” Dr. Shelton articulates. “Silberman is rooted in social justice. It will enable me to practice what I preach.”

The Silberman School of Social Work is very excited to welcome Dr. Jama Shelton to the faculty.