Field Education

Field education is often referred to as the “heart of social work.” It affords students the opportunity to have a hands-on experience in a social service agency with clients and community members. Students learn while they serve and connect these real-world experiences to their classroom learning. Our alumni will tell you that they remember their clients, their agency experiences, and their field advisors long after their memories of their classroom teachers fade.

The Field Education Office is responsible for all aspects of the field practicum and for advisement during the student’s tenure in the School. The field office staff develop and monitor practicum sites, certify field advisors through the SIFI program, and monitor the performance of students in the field. The Office of Field Education seeks to develop and maintain relationships with agencies that will ensure a field practicum of high quality for MSW students. The fieldwork coordinators work with students, advisors, agency representatives, field advisors and educational coordinators throughout the field practicum experience. The Field Education Office has the responsibility for selecting agencies with which to affiliate based on the agency’s ability to support the mission of the School. Please feel free to contact the office for more information.


Silberman SSW Field Education Office Staff:

Kanako Okuda, LCSW Director of Field Education

Warren Graham, LMSW, Assistant Director of Field Education

Abby Miller, LCSW, Assistant Director of Field Education

Joanne Rizzi, LCSW, Assistant Director of Field Education

Kalima DeSuze, LMSW, MPA,  Assistant Director of Field Education

Surendra Bipat, LCSW,  Assistant Director of Field Education

Natalie Plaza, MSEd, Administrative Coordinator of Field Education Office

Shan-ise Kimbrough, Assistant to Field Education Office


Field Education Office Hours:

Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Silberman SSW Field Education Contact Information:

Phone: (212) 396-7572

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