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Get involved in student government and the alliances at Silberman!

The Faculty/Student Senate is comprised of students who are elected by their peers to serve as senators each year. The student senators set an agenda for meetings typically held during the Common Times each year. They work with the administration of the school to raise student concerns and seek solutions.

Each year, students may choose to form and/or participate in groups at the School of Social Work which reflect the interests of past and current students. These groups (or alliances) may be informal or chartered, via the Graduate Student Association, giving them access to resources from the larger Hunter community.

If you are interested in becoming a member of one of these student groups, take note of flyers in the building announcing meetings and attend when you can. During Orientation, representatives of these groups are generally available to talk with you. Students are encouraged to develop new groups and to charter their group if they wish to obtain funding to sponsor events at the school. If you are interested in starting a new group, please contact the Director or Assistant Director of Student Services on the third floor for more information, or contact the Graduate Student Association (GSA) on the 68th Street campus.


Voices: The Silberman Student Journal of Social Work

Voices is a forum for the Silberman School of Social Work’s students, professors, and alumni to present and engage with scholarship that reflects academic rigor and the values of social work. Just as Silberman students, professors, and alumni regularly display professionally impassioned work in the field, many also create professional academic work. This scholarship deserves recognition for its merit and appreciation for its practical implications. We hope that Voices will serve not only as an annual showcase of Silberman work, but also as a motivation for us all to become scholars in addition to practitioners.


Board of Student Representatives (BSR)

The Board of Student Representatives (BSR) serves as the student government for the School. The BSR works with the student alliances to organize Common Day and other student-led events. The BSR also meets regularly with the Dean, the Associate Dean for Academic and Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, to advocate for and address student issues and needs, often joining with an alliance to pursue a specific agenda. A student representative is selected each year to represent the school at the Graduate Student Association at Hunter College. Board of Student Representatives (BSR): contact Rob Lorey, Director of Student Services


Anti-Racist Collective at Hunter College (ARCH)

With the goals of activism and change, ARCH works to process and discuss the many issues surrounding race that we encounter every day. ARCH works to bring thought-provoking and poignant events to the students at Silberman SSW.


Gender and Sexuality Coalition (GASC)

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GASC) is an alliance of students at the Silberman School of Social Work who are committed to the equity of all sexual orientations, genders, and identities. GASC seeks to promote inclusion, visibility, and sensitivity at Silberman of all sexual orientations, genders, and identities, especially in Silberman’s policies, spaces, and curriculum. Gender and Sexuality Alliance contact:


Global Social Work Alliance (GSWA)

The Global Social Work Alliance (GSWA) works to expand student knowledge about social work issues in a global context and about practice with immigrants and refugees. The Alliance works closely with the Global Field of Practice to foster interest in global social work issues and facilitates presentations and discussions with significant people in the field. GSWA encourages student engagement in advocacy and social justice for immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers and explores other issues related to globalization. Global Social Work Alliance (GSWA): contact


Mind Body Spirit Alliance

The purpose of the Mind Body Spirit Alliance is to build a community and create space for self-care (yoga, meditation, etc.) for Silberman students as well as the greater Silberman community. Students who are trained or well-versed in various mind body modalities as well as faith-based practices are welcomed and encouraged to facilitate sessions at Silberman according to their schedules. All Silberman students are welcomed to participate in these sessions and are notified of the schedule on the Sunday prior to the coming session. The alliance will sponsor Common Time events and community-wide events related to the group’s purpose. In addition to practice, students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in an ongoing dialogue pertaining to the relationship between mind-body and faith-based practices and social work practice. Mind Body Spirit Alliance contact:


Social Workers for Single Payer Health Care

Social Workers for Single Payer Health Care is an alliance of social work students advocating for single payer health care. Single payer means publicly financed health care for everyone in America, also known as Improved and Expanded Medicare for All. Our goal is to get rid of the private health insurance system that puts profits ahead of patients.


Student Alliance for an Aging Society (SAAS)

The Student Alliance for an Aging Society (SAAS) at the Silberman School of Social Work serves to expand the experience and knowledge of students interested in the field of aging. SAAS aims to build interest in the field of aging and facilitates engaging presentations from professionals in the field to educate and inform peers about the unique experiences of older adults. SAAS also seeks to build relationships through fellowship and networking opportunities with students and professionals interested in aging, and it collaborates with other alliances to look at aging and its intersection with nearly every other aspect of our work in the field. Finally, it encourages student engagement with advocacy and social justice for older adults. Please contact SAAS at to be added to our program notifications. We’d love to see you at a future meeting or event!  Student Alliance for an Aging Society (SAAS): contact


Students of Color Collective (SOCC)

The Students of Color Collective is a student alliance that seeks to address the intersection of race, class, gender, sexuality, and immigration status from the perspectives of students of color. Through direct action, critical dialogue, and grassroots organizing, our mission is to unite and empower one another to become change agents while working towards anti-oppression.


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