Graduation Checklist

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During your final two semesters in the program, you will need to start thinking about graduation. Check your @myhunter email regularly for updates and information about completing the Degree Audit and attending the Ceremonies.

Much of the information sent to you is time sensitive. Respond promptly (by stated deadlines) in order to ensure timely completion of your degree audit and your participation in the ceremonies.


☐ Apply to Graduate via CUNYFirst:

ALL Coursework Completed in the:

Apply to Graduate Between*:

Participate in Ceremonies


October 16, 12:00am–February 15, 11:59pm



February 16, 12:00am– June 15, 11:59pm



June 16, 12:00am–October 15, 11:59pm


*If you miss the deadline, you’ll have to wait until the next cycle and pay a Maintenance and Matriculation Fee (in-state fee is $220)


Apply to Graduate (How To):

  1. Log into CUNYFirst
  2. Navigate to the Student Center
  3. Under Academics, click the dropdown and select “Apply for Graduation” to complete the application.
    Meet with an Academic Advisor. Bring your unofficial transcript to review your coursework and readiness to graduate.


☐ Meet with an Academic Advisor to Conduct a Degree Audit

A degree audit ensures that you have completed all of the necessary coursework in order to graduate on time.

Meet with an academic advisor review your unofficial transcript and confirm your readiness to graduate. Do this after you have registered for your final semester or during the final semester in which you believe your coursework will be completed.


☐ RSVP for the Silberman Recognition Ceremony

During the first part of the spring, you will receive an email invitation and ticket information from Leslie Casanova. Please respond in a timely manner. Check your MyHunter email.


☐ RSVP for the Hunter College Commencement

You will receive multiple emails from 68th street with your invitation, attendance information, and tickets. Check your MyHunter email.

***Participating in the ceremonies does not mean that a degree will be conferred. You must apply to graduate and conduct a degree audit to formally graduate.


☐ Complete the Financial Aid Exit Interview (if you receive Financial Aid).

  1. Log in CUNYFirst and access the Financial Aid tab.
  2. Contact Hunter’s Financial Aid Office with questions.


☐ Submit a signed Field of Practice Completion Form (if you declared) with these additional electronic documents to or to Leslie Casanova (

  1. Copy of your unofficial transcript
  2. Descriptive statement of your topic for Research I/II or Professional Seminar


☐ Additional Requirements
You should have completed these requirements upon entering the MSW Program.

  • Completed the Mandated Reporter Training & email certificate to Leslie Casanova.
  • Confirmed that you watched the Licensure Central Podcast in SSSW Licensure Central



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