Prince, Jonathan | MSW | PhD

Associate Professor
Phone: (212) 396-7551
Office: 452
Areas of Expertise:
Mental Health
Substance Abuse
Mental Health in Child Welfare

PhD, University of California Berkeley
MSW, University of California Berkeley
MA, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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Prince, J.D. (under review). Opioid analgesic use disorders among people with severe mental illness in the United States.

Prince, J.D. (under review). Risk of suicide attempt among persons with co-occurring serious psychological distress and substance use disorder.

Lalayants, M. & Prince, J.D. (in press). Spirituality and outcomes among child welfare-involved youth. Child Abuse Review. 

Prince, J.D., Oyo, A., Mora, O., Wyka, K., Schonebaum, A. (in press). Willingness to ask for help among persons with severe mental illness. Community Mental Health Journal.

Prince, J.D. & Wald, C. (2018). Risk of Criminal Justice System Involvement among People with Co-occurring Serious Psychological Distress and Substance Use Disorder. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 58, 1-8.

Prince, J.D., Mora, O., Ansbrow, J., Benedict, J., DiCostanzo, J., Schonebaum, A. (2018). Nine ways that clubhouses foster interpersonal connection for persons with severe mental illness: Lessons for other types of programs. Social Work in Mental Health, 16, 321-336.


I am currently collaborating with four individuals or agencies. First, in partnership with colleagues at Columbia University, I am researching first-episode psychosis. Second, in a longstanding partnership with Fountain House in New York City, I am examining the sharing of free time between practitioners and consumers of mental health services. Third, my work on mental health in child welfare has benefited from collaboration with Marina Lalayants at Hunter College. Finally, in partnership with investigators at the Cornell-Weill Medical Center in New York City, I have been working on a project that addresses opioid abuse in the East Harlem community. Outreach efforts in East Harlem are currently targeting churches in order to deliver educational and preventative interventions to family members of individuals who are at risk for developing opioid use disorders. This work is informing a federal grant application that will be submitted in November of 2018.

2011-2014: Principal Investigator (with two Co-PIs from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene) on a grant evaluating the effectiveness of New York City psychiatric hospitals

2011-2012: Principal Investigator (with Martha Bragin, Ph.D.) on a federal Emergency Response Grant (in partnership with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene) evaluating interventions for Haitian immigrants in New York City

2011-Present: Principal investigator for research assessing psychiatric service use and outcomes among Medicaid beneficiaries in 14 American states

2003-2010: The National Institute of Health’s Loan Repayment Program (LRP)