Prince, Jonathan | MSW | PhD

Associate Professor
Phone: (212) 396-7551
Office: 452
Areas of Expertise:
Mental Health
Substance Abuse
Mental Health in Child Welfare

PhD, University of California Berkeley
MSW, University of California Berkeley
MA, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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Prince, J.D., Mora, O., Brown, A. & Lalayants, M. (2021). Wanna Grab Some Dinner? Social Relations between Helping Professionals and Members of Community Mental Health or Other Human Service Organizations. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 91, 545-557

Lalayants, M., Oyo, A. & Prince, J.D. (2020). Religiosity and outcomes among child welfare-involved youth. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, 37, 251-261.

Prince, J.D. (2019). Opioid analgesic use disorders among people with severe mental illness in the United States. Substance Use and Misuse: An International Journal, 54, 1024-1034.

Prince, J.D. & Wald, C. (2018). Risk of Criminal Justice System Involvement among People with Co-occurring Serious Psychological Distress and Substance Use Disorder. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 58, 1-8.

Prince, J.D., Oyo, A., Mora, O., Wyka, K., Schonebaum, A. (2018). Loneliness among persons with severe mental illness. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 206, 136-141.


I am currently working with scholars from three New York City Universities (including Ezra Susser at Columbia University, Deborah Padgett at NYU, and Dan Herman at CUNY) to: (1) investigate affordable housing initiatives; (2) inform practices and policies that benefit homeless individuals; and (3) secure grant funding for ongoing work in this area. In addition, I am using existing (secondary) data to research a wide variety of issues relating to severe mental illness or substance abuse (e.g., psychiatric hospitalization; suicidality; criminal justice system involvement; opioid misuse).

2013-2021: Principal Investigator on two grants investigating social network formation and rapport with providers at Fountain House, a mental health service organization in New York City

2009-Present: Principal Investigator on five grants internal to the City University of New York (PSC-CUNY grants for research on severe mental illness or substance abuse). These grants include: (1) Comparative Effectiveness of Prescription Practices for Medicaid Patients with Severe Mental Illness; (2) Substance Abuse and Hospitalization for Depression; (3) Which Amounts and Types of Psychotherapy are Most Closely Associated with Rapid Relapse Prevention in Major Depressive Disorder? (4) Sexually Transmitted Disease among Persons with HIV/AIDS in Eight States: Is Severe Mental Illness a Risk Factor? (5) Risk of Suicide Attempt among Persons with Severe Mental Illness and Substance use Disorder.

2011-2018: Principal investigator for research assessing psychiatric service use and outcomes among Medicaid beneficiaries in 14 American states

2011-2014: Principal Investigator (with two Co-PIs from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene) on a grant evaluating the effectiveness of New York City psychiatric hospitals

2011-2012: Principal Investigator (with Martha Bragin, Ph.D.) on a federal Emergency Response Grant (in partnership with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene) evaluating interventions for Haitian immigrants in New York City

2003-2010: The National Institute of Health’s Loan Repayment Program

Community Partnership(s)

In collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders (e.g., NYC policymakers; human service agency executives and practitioners; community organizers; advocacy groups; newspaper reporters), I am currently working with scholars from three NYC Universities (Columbia; NYU; CUNY) to inform practices, policies, and advocacy efforts that benefit homeless individuals.