Belle and George Strell Fellows Program Curriculum Overview

The Strell Fellows Program includes seminars, coaching, and networking activities essential to executive leadership.

Seminar content will include:

  • Assuming executive leadership
  • Creating vision for establishing mission and organizational culture
  • Developing and managing stakeholders
  • Building and maintaining executive and board partnership
  • Leading organizational change
  • Establishing outcomes and measures for success
  • Diversifying income
  • Financial planning and accountability
  • Understanding trends in nonprofit management
  • Managing diverse human resources to develop and retain staff
  • Influencing public policy
  • Marketing and communications
  • Utilizing technology effectively

Coaches will be selected based on individualized plans to improve executive leadership and management skills, and coaching designed to help position candidates to assume and succeed in the CEO role.

Networking activities will be organized among peers, governmental officials, foundation representatives, Executives, Board members, and other key leaders in the field.

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