Faculty/Student Senate

Students have an important role in governing the School through their participation in the Faculty/Student Senate. The Faculty/Student Senate is composed of voting representatives from the faculty and the student body. It is the forum where student and faculty representatives can speak on behalf of their constituents to raise issues or collaborate with the faculty of Silberman SSW over student policies that directly and indirectly affect them. The Faculty/Student Senate convenes an open meeting on each Common Day. Students on the Faculty/Student Senate are elected by their peers. If you would like further information, please contact the Director of Student Services.


What does the Senate discuss and work on?

  • Support students in raising concerns at Silberman
  • Recommend ways to improve student engagement
  • Build communication between student body, faculty, and administration
  • Facilitation and support of Common Time throughout the academic year
  • Provide suggestions on Silberman committee membership (eg. Curriculum Committee, Field Education)
  • Discuss issues impacting the larger community of social workers
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