Bragin, Martha | LCSW | PhD

Associate Professor
Phone: (347) 204-1242
Office: 427
Moved to Room 612

Areas of Expertise:
Psychosocial interventions that support resilience in communities affected by conflict, disaster and adversity
Building locality based social work capacity in countries in crisis
Participatory research methods
Developmentally and culturally informed interventions

Ph.D., New York University
M.S.W., Hunter College School of Social Work

Introduction to Global Social Work and Practice with Immigrants and Refugees
Professional Seminar
Advanced Clinical Practice

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Bragin, M. (2019) Pour a libation for us: Pour a libation for us: Restoring the sense of a moral universe to children affected by violence Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy 18 (3).

Bragin, M. (2019). Clinical social work with survivors of disaster and terrorism: A social ecological approach. In J. Brandell, (Ed.), Theory and practice in clinical social work (3rd ed.). San Diego, CA: Cognella, Inc.

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Bragin, M., & Bragin, G. (2010). Making meaning together: Helping survivors of violence and loss to learn at school. Journal of Infant Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy, 9(2), 47-67.


Principal Investigator, “Developing and Contextualizing a Model Best Practices Protocol to Insure Learning from and with Diverse Families with Children in Care.” Forestdale, 2018 – 2019

Principal Investigator, “Developing Participatory Indicators of Psychosocial Well-being with Internally Displaced Persons in Wau South Sudan.” International Organization for Migration, 2017-2018

Principal Investigator,University Support and Workforce Development Partnership: Kabul University/Herat University – U.S. Counseling Degree Partnership. FHI -360 in Partnership with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) 2016-2018

Principal Investigator, “Claiming Rights, Promoting Peace: Women’s Empowerment in Conflict-Affected Areas (Uganda, Burundi and Nepal). Understanding Women’s Psychosocial Well-being in Cultural Context.” CARE Österreich, 2010–2013

Principal Investigator (with Michael Lewis), “Development of a Classroom-Based Instrument to Measure the Effectiveness of Psychosocial Interventions Designed to Improve an Aspect of Cognitive Functioning Amongst Adolescents Affected by War and Community Violence.” Research Advisory Board: International Psychoanalytic Association.