Abramovitz, Robert | MD

Visiting Professor and Director, National Child Trauma Workforce Institute
Phone: (212) 396-7541
Office: 720
Email: r.abramovitz@gmail.com
Areas of Expertise:
Child Trauma
Impact of Adversity, Violence, Poverty, and Racism on Individuals, Communities, and Organizations
Innovative Teaching and Training Approaches in Child Trauma
Individual and Community Resilience
Field Effectiveness Studies of Innovative Service Programs

M.D., Wayne State University Medical School
Child Psychiatry Fellowship, Yale Child Study Center

Core Concepts on Child Trauma, Integrated Trauma Treatment Field Practice
Professional Seminar

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Abramovitz, R., Mingus, J. “Unpacking racism, poverty and trauma’s impact on the school to prison pipeline”, Chapter 3, In: Transforming Health and Human Service Systems: An Anti-Racist Strategy, Carten, A., Siskind, A., Pender-Green, M., (Eds.) Oxford University Press. (In press)

Strand, V., Popescu, M, Abramovitz, R., Building agency capacity for trauma informed evidence-based practice and field instruction. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work, (in press)

Layne, C. M., Strand, V., Abramovitz, R., Amaya Jackson, L., Pynoos, R.; Using the Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma to Train the “Next Generation” Trauma-Informed Evidence Based Practitioners, Special Issue Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology on "Doing More with What We Already Know." (March 2014)

Strand, V., Abramovitz, R., Layne, C.M., Robinson, H., Way, I. Strand, V., Abramovitz, R., Layne, C.M., Robinson, H., Way, I. Meeting the critical need for trauma education in social work: A problem-based learning approach. Journal of Social Work Education (in press)

Layne, C. M., Ghosh Ippen, C., Strand,V., Stuber, M., Abramovitz, R., Reyes, G., Amaya Jackson, L., Curtis, A., Lipscomb, L., Pynoos, R. (2011).The core curriculum on childhood trauma: A tool for training a trauma-informed workforce, Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy: 3(3), 243-52.


National Center for Social Work Trauma Education and Workforce Development
Preparing the next generation of trauma-informed social workers from schools of social work across the nation by use of a state of the art Core Curriculum on Child Trauma, new interactive ways of learning and actual preparation to use evidence based child trauma treatment with supervision provided by field instructors proficient in the same method.

Bridges Youth Empowerment Program
Trauma informed program addresses multiple health risks in youth transitioning from middle school to high school
Community Partner: Union Settlement Association