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New York State Adult Protective Services Directives – Administrative Directives and Informationals (ADMs and INFs)

This is an archive of directives and informationals relevant to Adult Protective Services (APS) guidance and practice in New York State. The directives/informationals are organized by categories that pertain to APS practice.

NOTE: A resources of PDFs. We have the PDF files. Process to upload files – TBD


2019 Adult Abuse Training Institute (AATI): Presentations and Handouts

The Adult Abuse Training Institute Learning Resource is a collection of presentations and handouts from the 2019 AATI workshops. For those who attended, if a presenter submitted their presentation and materials, you find it here. For anyone who was unable to attend, this is a great way to share in the learning.


Desk Guides:

PSA Desk Guide [PDF] – A concise overview of the laws and regulations governing the provision of protective services in New York State as well as guidance on how to handle cases

Financial Exploitation: How to Recognize and Respond to It [PDF] – A pocket-sized guide to spotting financial exploitation, gathering information, and maintaining the safety of the service professional and the client

Broken Trust: Financial Exploitation & Power of Attorney Abuse [PDF] – Covers related New York State laws and regulations, including the duty to report, and how to generally protect individuals from financial exploitation and, specifically, abuse by individuals possessing power of attorney