Understanding Countertransference To Deepen The Treatment

Instructor: Audrey Brockner, LCSW, BCD | Mondays 6 PM to 8 PM | June 20, 27; July 11, 18 (SKIP July 4) | $160 | Course Code: SWCOUNTR | NYSED approved contact hours: 8

Countertransference is commonly defined as the displacement of feelings or reactions from the therapist onto the client, which can be a response to transference—the phenomenon of a client projecting their feelings for others onto the therapist. Not all countertransference is a barrier to effective treatment. In fact, countertransference can even deepen the treatment.

The course is designed to help clinical social workers understand how the use of self can provide insight into their clients’ psychic worlds. Course material will focus on countertransference theory from a British Object Relations perspective. Readings, discussions and participant case presentations will be used to illustrate and integrate the theoretical ideas.


Course Highlights:

By the end of the course, participants will have:

  • An overview of various theoretical views of countertransference.
  • Ability to operationalize countertransference in the clinical relationship by:
    • Distinguishing between normal and defensive countertransference.
    • Distinguishing between positive and negative countertransference.
    • Understanding the role of the therapist’s superego.
    • Learning tools for using countertransference constructively.


About the Instructor:

Audrey Brockner, LCSW, BCD, earned a B.A. in Psychology from New York University and an M.S.W. from Simmons College. Subsequent to graduate school she worked in outpatient psychiatry, family service agencies and Brookline Mental Health where she was the Director of Social Work Training. She studied psychoanalysis at the Freudian Society and for the past ten years has been involved in an ongoing study group called Understanding Primitive Mental States, where the theoretical focus comes from the British Object Relations school. Professor Brockner has also been in private practice for over 30 years.

Professor Brockner has taught at Hunter since the mid 80’s, and for 15 years was the head of the Post Master’s Clinical Program Individual Sequence. For the past 4 years she has been teaching Clinical Practice.  She has also taught at the Westchester Psychoanalytic Institute and Columbia University School of Social work.


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