Family Centered Best Practices

Instructor:  Ms. Joaniko Kohchi, MPhil, LCSW, IMHE® (IV-C),  

Date: Saturday 3/7/20

Time: 12:00 – 5:00 PM

Professional Associations, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) workgroups, and evidence-based research all recommend that Early Intervention professionals utilize family-centered best practices in their work with children and their families.  The younger or more vulnerable the child, the more the child needs support within the context of her or his key caregiving relationships. Participants will deepen their ability to implement a strengths-based focus and techniques of embedded coaching in their work with parents.  They will increase the reflection and growth-promoting aspects of interventions with parents.  Participants will describe  the  roles  of  self-and  mutual  regulation,  parallel  process,  reflection  and  reflective supervision among all participants in our work. Participants will understand more   about basic principles of other early intervention disciplines and their perspectives on working with parents, guardians and caregivers

CE:  5 Hours


About the Instructor:

Ms. Joaniko Kohchi, MPhil, LCSW, IMHE® (IV-C), is an infant and early childhood mental health specialist with experience spanning several regions of the United States. Ms. Kohchi has worked with young children and families who have survived traumatic events often leading to out-of-home care and court involvement. Ms. Kohchi has also worked with families in a variety of early care settings providing direct service and supporting interventionists and caregivers who guide infants and young children to realize their optimal learning and developmental milestones in all domains. She is Co-President of the New York Zero-to-Three Network.




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