The Heart of Child Development (Typical and Atypical Development)

Instructor:  Ms. Joaniko Kohchi, MPhil, LCSW, IMHE® (IV-C),  

Date Saturday 2/8/20

Time: 9:00 AM -5:00 PM

Burgeoning knowledge in infant and early childhood social-emotional development informs practice for all who work with babies, young children and their families.   Through this course, early intervention and earliest childhood providers from across disciplines will gain a deeper understanding of why supporting a secure child-parent bond is critically important across all assessment and intervention. Participants will be introduced to perspectives that embrace content and process knowledge from many disciplines and that address strengthening and nurturing the relationship between babies or young children and their primary attachment figure, whatever the range of interventions that may be needed. Drawing on perspectives from across   professions,   this   four-session   course   will   emphasize   attachment   theory   and   interpersonal neurobiology as the foundation for healthy relatedness and learning across all domains of development in children and adults. Vignettes and discussion relating to participants own practice is the conduit use to cultivate and apply the knowledge in professional practice. Participants will be encouraged to review their discipline  and  system’s  approaches  to  intervention  through  a  lens  that  is  developmental,  body-based, social-emotional, trauma-informed, and attachment sensitive.

CE: 8 Hours


About the Instructor:

Ms. Joaniko Kohchi, MPhil, LCSW, IMHE® (IV-C), is an infant and early childhood mental health specialist with experience spanning several regions of the United States. Ms. Kohchi has worked with young children and families who have survived traumatic events often leading to out-of-home care and court involvement. Ms. Kohchi has also worked with families in a variety of early care settings providing direct service and supporting interventionists and caregivers who guide infants and young children to realize their optimal learning and developmental milestones in all domains. She is Co-President of the New York Zero-to-Three Network.




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