Introduction to Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Two-day Training and Consultation Calls

Course Code: SWTFCBT/1 Course Code: SWTFCBTC/2 Course Code:  SWTFCBTC/3
2-Day Training Only Consultation Calls Only 2-day training & the 12 one-hour consultation sessions
Instructor: Carrie Epstein, LCSW-R Instructor: Carrie Epstein, LCSW-R
Date: September 12th & 13th   Date: September 12th & 13th

Dates: Consultation Calls TBD 

Time: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM Consultation Call times TBD Time: 9:30 AM-5:30 PM  (2-day Training)

Consultation Calls 12-Hours TBD

Room: 115 A/B   Room: Room 115 A/B
Cost: $350 $350 Cost: $700
CE Hours: 14 CE Hours: 12 CE Hours 26


Overview: Children exposed to physical and sexual abuse, domestic and/or community violence, and other traumatic life events, dramatically increase their risk of severe emotional distress and potentially lasting psychological and interpersonal difficulties. Unfortunately, about one in every four children will experience a traumatic event before the age of 16.

Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), developed by Judith Cohen, Anthony Mannarino, and Esther Deblinger, is an evidence-based therapy designed to treat children who have experienced trauma (e.g., child abuse, domestic violence, community violence, traumatic grief, and other traumatic events)  and their caregivers. Clinical research shows that TF-CBT significantly reduces children’s resulting emotional and behavioral symptoms. To learn more about TF-CBT, visit:

Preparation Requirement: Participants are required to complete the TF-CBT web course prior to attending the 2-day training. TF-CBT website is .  There is a cost associated with taking this web-based training.

·       If you have taken the web-based course in a previous year, print out your completion certificate (no need to take the web-based course a second time).

·       Present your TF-CBT web completion certificate when you check in to the 2-day training

  • Certification: Criteria to become a certified TF-CBT therapist is found at . The 2-day training and subsequent consultation calls meet some of the certification requirements. Note that other steps are necessary before receiving TF-CBT certification. Although encouraged, certification is optional. TF-CBT training participants will need to submit proof that they have completed the TF-CBT 2-day training and the call groups when applying for certification with the developers of the TF-CBT

This is ONE training with three options:

  1. Course Code: Option 1SWTFCBT/1

Cost: $350 for: 2-day TF-CBT Training only (14 CEUs)

  1. Course Code: Option 2 – SWTFCBTC/2

                                  Cost: $350 for; Consultation Calls only (12 CE)

  1. Course Code: Option 3 SWTFCBTC/SWTFCBTC/3:

                     2-day TF-CBT Training and Consultation Calls

Cost: $700 for: 2-day TF-CBT Training and 12 Case      

                             Consultation Calls (26 CE).

Course Description:

The 2-day training provides an intensive review of TF-CBT treatment components focusing on clinical implementation strategies.  By the end of the training participants will develop and increase their skills in the practice of TF-CBT. (14 CEUs)

The case consultation calls provide participants the experiential learning to use the TF-CBT strategies learned in the 2-day training. Clinicians must carry a minimum of two (2) TF-CBT cases, to use the trauma assessments, present on calls, and receive feedback and guidance through telephone conferencing. Consultation groups consist of approximately 8-10 participants, are 60 minutes in duration, and occur twice per month for 6 months. (12 CEUs)

Actively participating in the 2-day TF-CBT Training and Case Consultation Calls allows clinicians to move forward in becoming a certified TF-CBT therapist (26 CE).

Requirements for the Consultation Calls:

·       Previous completion of the two-day training is REQUIRED in order to participate in the call group. Locate proof that you completed the two-day training and forward a copy to as supporting documents for The Silberman School of Social Work CE office (12 CEUs).


About the Instructor:


Epstein, Carrie | LCSW-R

Carrie Epstein, LCSW-R is Assistant Professor in Social Work at the Yale University Child Study Center, where she is Director of Clinical Services and Training at the Childhood Violent Trauma Center. Recognized nationally as an expert in the field of child trauma and disaster response, Ms. Epstein has been providing treatment, clinical supervision and consultation on developing new programs for children and families impacted by trauma and traumatic grief for over 20 years. As part of her current work, Ms. Epstein is responsible for developing and overseeing national training initiatives and national learning collaboratives focused on the dissemination of child trauma-focused evidence-based treatment models, and provides training and clinical supervision both locally and nationally on child trauma-focused treatment and practices. Prior to this position, Ms. Epstein was Senior Director of Child Trauma Programs at Safe Horizon in New York City, where she continues to be responsible for clinical oversight of Safe Horizon’s Child Advocacy Centers.


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