Fatherhood-Through the Lens of Biology & Culture

Instructors: Marcus Stallworth, LMSW | Qur-an Webb, MSW | Anthony Gay, BA

Day: Saturday January 11, 2020

Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Course Code: SWFHBC

Location: Silberman School of Social Work

Cost: $140

CE Hours: 4


Course Description:

This course provides a synthesis of our understanding of men in their role as fathers in families from biological and cultural perspectives. The biological perspective explores the evolutionary history and adaptive dimensions of human fatherhood, including comparisons with forms of parenting and family life in other primate species, male life history strategies, and the contributions of genetic, developmental, physiological and ecological factors to fatherhood.

About the Instructors:

Brief Bio’s for Trainers on the Fatherhood Project

Marcus Stallworth, LMSW, Qur-an-Webb, MSW & Anthony Gay, MSW

Marcus Stallworth, LMSW has been in the field of social work for almost 20 years. Marcus is a national consultant and trainer for Child Welfare League of America. He is an author of a journal article published in the 23rd volume of Child Welfare League of America’s Children’s Voice. Marcus has taught at the collegiate level both undergraduate and graduate for the past 10 years. He is currently a professor at University of Bridgeport where he teaches multiple courses including a self-created elective entitled: Technology and the Human Services Professional.

Marcus is the Director of Learning and Organizational Development for Welcome 2 Reality, LLC. Marcus along with his partners at Welcome 2 Reality have played an instrumental role in getting legislation passed in Connecticut which now mandates education on the safe use of social media and computer programming instruction in the public school system along with establishing a statewide advisory council relating to digital citizenship, internet safety and media literacy

Qur-an Webb, MSW, has worked in the field of social work for an extended period of time. He also works as an independent contractor for Bristol Youth Services where he provides clinical services to individuals and families throughout Bristol, Connecticut. Qur-an is an adjunct professor at the University of Bridgeport.   Qur-an is a graduate of the Elm City Fellowship for Children and Families sponsored by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.   He is also co-owner of Welcome 2 Reality, LLC where he is the Director of Operations.

Anthony Gay is the Co-Founder and Director of Curricula Development & Video Production at Welcome 2 Reality LLC. Anthony spent almost two decades in the field of human services and approximately 10 years developing curricula and training. During the course of his work he was continuously exposed to teens who made poor choices as a result of being inundated with the messages and imagery on the internet, social media, and advertisements.

Anthony has developed and provided training to students, teachers, parents, clergy and law enforcement personnel across the country on the importance of media literacy, digital safety and other issues related to youth exploitation via social media and internet consumption.



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