Empowering the social work practitioner for optimal practice:

Strategies to enhance resilience through self-awareness to mitigate stress from client trauma and the workplace

Instructor: Robert Schachter, DSW, LMSW

Dates: Monday  10/15/2018 – 10/22/2018   

Time: 6:30PM – 8:30PM

Course Code: SWFOPRSW

Cost: $140


Since 2008, NASW has had a professional policy statement recognizing that worker stress must be addressed in order to assure optimal services to clients. It identified that responsibility for this resides at all levels of practice and service delivery, including administration, supervision, and the individual worker. This workshop will review this policy and then address the implications on a worker’s capacity to be fully present for clients and to perform their work at optimal levels. This includes examining the sources of stress that emanate from practice with clients, especially secondary traumatic stress, and stress that emerges from conditions related to the workplace. A central part of the workshop will be on strategies to deal with stress, especially enhancing self- awareness in the midst of challenging circumstances. Participants will learn strategies for enhancing self-awareness and resilience, including mindfulness, breathing techniques, and qigong, will be demonstrated.

CE hours-4



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