Hoarding: What you should know and what can be done

Course Code: SWHOARD

Instructor: Marcela Torres-Noguera, LCSW

Date: Saturday. September 14, 2019

Time: 10:00 AM-5:00 PM

Room: TBD

Cost: $210


This workshop will focus on hoarding as a problem that involves difficulty discarding large number of things, regardless of their actual value. Compulsive hoarding behaviors can have serious consequences for people who struggle with it and their families.   Hoarding is still stigmatized and frequently underreported.   Through this workshop social workers/mental health professionals will learn more about identifying Hoarding disorder as a diagnosis, using assessment tools with someone struggling with excessive accumulation of belongings, and learning about some practical tools they can use in their practice as well as available resources for professionals, family and friends.

CE Hours 6


About the Instructor:

Marcela Torres-Noguera | LCSW

Marcela Torres-Noguera, LCSW is a bilingual Clinical Social Worker with 15 years of experience working with families involved with the Child Welfare system, including foster care and preventive services. Marcela had years of experience providing home based services as well as supervising and facilitating Family Team Conferences for families involved in the Child Welfare System. Marcela was trained in the family systems model at the Ackerman Institute for the Family and identifies with family therapy models the most.  Marcela worked as the Clinical Coordinator for The Jewish Board Court Team for Babies Project, the first of its kind working with the Manhattan Family Court which helped parents with babies in foster care develop and strengthen their bond, and relationships, heal after trauma and achieve permanency. Marcela currently is the Clinical Coordinator for Stopping Over-shopping, LLC. She specializes in working with individuals and facilitating in person and tele-coaching groups for people struggling with compulsive shopping behaviors locally and internationally. In addition to her role as Clinical Coordinator, Marcela currently has a private practice in Manhattan and works with individuals, couples and families.


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