Silberman has embraced the use of educational technology to supplement your courses. You’ll find that many of your professors are using Blackboard, the course management system, to post the course syllabus, course materials, and announcements.

Please watch the following video tutorial to learn more about Blackboard and how it is used in conjunction with our classes.


Class Formats

Silberman currently offers two course formats:

Hybrid – In this format, you will meet weekly in the classroom for two hours. However, your third hour of class will be completed online in Blackboard.

Super-Hybrid – In this format, you will meet in the classroom two-three times during the semester: the first and last class, and possibly another class around mid-semester. In between these in-person sessions you will log in to Blackboard, at your convenience, to access weekly content and interact with your classmates and professor virtually.

You can expect to do one or more of the following in Blackboard for the online component:

  • Email your professor or classmates.
  • Listen to or watch the lecture.
  • Listen to podcasts or watch videos.
  • Access your syllabus and readings.
  • Submit assignments.
  • Participate in the online discussions.
  • Work on group projects/wikis.
  • Write reflections in the blog or journal.
  • Take quizzes.

There are many advantages to taking a super-hybrid course such as:

  • having more flexibility with your time – you can review course content at your convenience
  • reducing your commute – you don’t have to come to Silberman for every class.
  • improving your technology skills – many of these skills can be applied outside of your course.

At this time, Human Behavior in the Social Environment I, II, & III are offered in the super-hybrid format but we hope to expand these offering with each new year.

Technical Requirements: To participate in a hybrid course, you will need access to a computer with reliable high-speed internet access and connection. Your computer should be no more than five years old (to ensure that you have enough memory, at 4GB) and your high-speed connection should be fast. More memory and a faster connection will lead to a better learning experience for the online components.

Need a laptop? You can borrow a laptop from the AV Team in 3-hour blocks. The Team is located just inside, and to the right, in the Social Work and Public Health Library.

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