Licensing Requirements & Preparation

If you are interested in being employed as a professional social worker in New York State, you must obtain a New York State license: Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW).

To become a licensed master social worker (LMSW), you must be at least 21 years old, be of good moral character, meet education (completing the MSW degree) and examination requirements, and complete the child abuse reporting training provided by the School or another approved provider. More information on the requirements is available from the state at

Silberman School of Social Work has developed “Licensure Central”, located on Blackboard. Please utilize this site throughout your time at Silberman to access a host of materials that will assist in preparation (and the successful attainment) of your LMSW. To access “Licensure Central,” log into Blackboard, click on “SSSW Information Corner,” under “Organizations,” and finally click on “Licensure Central,” on the left-hand navigation. If you have any questions regarding licensing materials located in “Licensure Central,” please contact

I. Fact Sheet on Social Work Licensure

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II. Fact Sheet on Mandatory Continuing Education in NYS

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