Graduation Checklist

At the beginning of your final semester, you will need to start thinking about graduation. Students are advised to apply for graduation within the first few weeks of their final semester. To apply, please follow the following steps:

Completion of Degree Audit Application Form (DAAF):

  • Respond to emails from Degree Audit Office directing you to submit/choose a semester for intent to graduate.
  • You will receive follow up emails confirming your final semester of registration, then an email confirming that you are on track to graduate (the email response will also notate any outstanding issues for you to resolve).
  • Final step (after notification from Degree Audit) is to visit a Silberman advisor. Please bring a copy of your unofficial transcript for review.

Required Workshops for Graduation:

Please contact Ms. Lina Briscese at to confirm your completion of all required workshops. The list of required workshops is as follows:

Workshop Name


Mandated Reporter Training: Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse, Maltreatment, and Neglect

Offered at Orientation

Mastering the LMSW Exam (MSW Licensing Workshop)

(offered during your Advisement field in-service days).

Offered during your Advisement field in-service days or during Common Time Days


Field of Practice Completion Form:

Download the Completion Form
Complete the form and return with the proper documentations:

  1. copy of unofficial transcript
  2. descriptive statement of your topic for Research I or II, or topic of your professional Seminar paper.
  3. Sign form(your signature)

Once all this has been completed please submit form to the Student Services dept. on the 3rd floor.
You can either drop off form into the drop off box or hand deliver to Ms. Lina Briscese. You can also email it to (with all attachments)

Please see the academic advisors on the 4th floor should you require assistance.

Please check your CunyFirst email regularly for information regarding graduation requirement and ceremony updates/details.

Special note: If you received loans you must complete Financial Aid exit interview. You can do this via your cunyfirst page under the Financial Aid tab. If you are unable to complete the exit interview- or need assistance confirming completion- please contact the Financial Aid Department which is located at the Hunter College Main Campus at 68th (241 N).

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