Critical Time Intervention helps vulnerable people during times of transition in their lives by strengthening their network of support in the community.

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Brief CTI reduces risk of early readmission

A soon-to-be published article in Psychiatric Services investigates the impact of a brief version of CTI (B-CTI) on the occurrence of psychiatric readmission of adults with serious mental illness.

Federally funded project promotes CTI to reduce hospital readmissions

SMINET: Applying Evidence to Improve Care and Outcomes in Severe Mental Illness builds on an established multi-state consortium to increase uptake, on a broad scale, of selected evidence-based practices in the care of persons with severe mental illness that are particularly high-impact targets for improving long-term health outcomes. In this context, CTI is being promoted as a potential strategy to reduce the risk rehospitalization among high-risk patients following discharge from acute psychiatric treatment.

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