In addition to the main campus orientation, Silberman provides an orientation to new faculty.

In the fall semester, there will be an orientation for both new full-time and adjunct faculty. In the spring semester, there will be an orientation for new adjunct faculty.


SPRING 2017 Adjunct Orientation:
The spring orientation was held on Tuesday, January 17. Please watch the recording to learn more the supports available at the Silberman School of Social Work.

Meet representatives from several departments including educational technology, student services, library services, the writing center and the field office.

Please note – two Blackboard trainings have been coordinated with the Orientations. Please visit our Faculty Resources Calendar to register for the training.


Here are some handouts from the most recent orientation:

Orientation to Technology Manual

Writing Center:
Check the Silberman Writing Program section on the SSSW website for more information and instructions for accessing handouts, podcasts, and additional resources.

Library Services:
Library Handout